Daily life

Busy bee

I have been quite a busy bee the first week of this month. It's funny how I can be unemployed and still have so much to do that I hardly find the time to take a breather. I think I need to be more efficient in my time management skills. But one thing I realized… Continue reading Busy bee


Remembering Chester Bennington

It has been two years since Chester Bennington of Linkin Park committed suicide on 20 July 2017. I remember it was Friday morning and my weekend. I had just gotten up and went on my facebook where my news feed showed the devastating news of him committing suicide at 41 after battling with depression and… Continue reading Remembering Chester Bennington


Cricket, Bangladesh and I

Throughout my life, I have had a love-hate relationship with the game of cricket . To be more accurate, it should be called love-indifference relationship. However, it cannot be denied that as a Bangladeshi, cricket has been a huge part of my life even when the Bangladesh National Cricket Team was unheard of back in… Continue reading Cricket, Bangladesh and I


From Me to You: Your Summer Survival Kit in Extreme Heat

I know most of you who live in the north zone look forward to summer time with much anticipation after the dreary winter full of white and grey. Unfortunately the scenario is quite different for us folks living in the south. Just to give you an idea for the last couple of days we have… Continue reading From Me to You: Your Summer Survival Kit in Extreme Heat