How to Stop Becoming Who You Hate

I know hate is a strong word but I think it resonates pretty well to the feeling you get when you realize you are transforming into a version of yourself that you do not like in others. Lately I have had moments where I go, "whoa, hold on, where did this thought come from?" "this… Continue reading How to Stop Becoming Who You Hate


Easy Relaxation Hacks to Help You Unwind

With today's fast paced lifestyle, it's easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed with to-do tasks, meeting deadlines, balancing life - work - family and so on. Taking care of our mental health is of great importance to not only be at our most productive self but also to live a happy, fulfilling noise. Here are… Continue reading Easy Relaxation Hacks to Help You Unwind

Daily life

Snapshots of Everyday Life

I have been working on a project called Snapshots of Everyday Life. I was inspired by a recent campaign of Coldplay with the same theme: Snapshots of Everyday Life. I thought it would be a fitting one at the end of this year showcasing 2019 highlights. Since I am somewhat of a perfectionist, it took… Continue reading Snapshots of Everyday Life


Of connections, lost and remaining

Do you ever wonder how many lives you inadvertently touch upon in your entire lifespan? This post is heavily inspired by a conversation I was just having with my mom. Ever since I started my job, I don't get to talk to her as long as before and yesterday we barely talked because of the… Continue reading Of connections, lost and remaining

Daily life

Small Wonders

There are days in life when we feel nothing but hopelessness, despair, with no end to our struggles in sight- the hardships, struggle, pain feel eternal and it is exhausting to say the least.But then when we least expect it, we are rewarded by a ray of blinding light, unexpected happiness and small wonders. One… Continue reading Small Wonders


On Amazon fire, deforestation and saving planet Earth

Humans, a species that boasts of its intelligence, but seldom acts like it. Ever since I read about the devastation of The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, I have been extremely saddened and disturbed to know that humans have been deliberately setting the forest on fire to clear land for their own selfish purpose. Once again… Continue reading On Amazon fire, deforestation and saving planet Earth